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National Researchers System (NRS)

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The IPN Research Department, under the tutelage of the Research and Postgraduate Secretary, is the entity in charge of coordinating, implementing, promoting, supervising and diffusing the scientific and technological research activities developed at the institute, contributing to the formation of scientists, technologists, and highly trained staff, generating new knowledge and impulse for the development the innovation of technology in the productive systems and services, while contributing to the improvement of a quality of life for both the society and the sustainable development of the country.

The National System of Researchers, published in the Federal Official Gazette, was created under presidential decree on 26th July 1984 in order to recognise the work done by those dedicated to the production of scientific knowledge and technology. This recognition is granted through a peer evaluation resulting in a nomination as a National Researcher.

  • Objective  


    The NRS aims to promote and strengthen the quality of scientific and technological research as well as innovation produced in the country. The system contributes to the formation and consolidation of researchers with the highest scientific and technological knowledge standards as a fundamental element to boost culture, productivity, competiveness and social welfare.

  • Benefits  


    The NRS, through its members, is a group created to represent all the scientific disciplines implemented in the country. It embraces a great number of higher education institutions and research centres operating in Mexico.

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