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The IPN aims to coordinate, implement, promote, supervise, and foster the scientific and technologic research activities developed at the IPN, generate new knowledge while contributing to the improvement of a quality of life for both the society and the sustainable development of the country.



Teaching and research synthesis is essential to the institution.


National System of Researchers (SNI)

This programme acknowledges the work of people producing scientific and technologic knowledge nominating them as National Researchers. This distinction symbolises the quality and the prestige of scientific contributions.


Accommodation for visiting researchers (RIV)

Especially designed premises to host teachers and national and international researchers from public and private Universities and Research Centres staying in Mexico City.

Centros de Investigación y Posgrado  

The IPN relies on a large number of schools, centres and units in charge of generating, transmitting and implementing scientific and technologic knowledge in different areas of expertise.

  • Investigación IPN  

A glimpse at the IPN research

  • Researchers»
    • 1,890 researchers registered at the CONACyT National System of Researchers
    • 1,115 researchers registered in the SNI belong to the IPN and 775 to the CINVESTAV-IPN..
  • Research programmes and projects»
    • 891 researchers benefited by the Achievement in Research Incentives Programmes.
    • 1,542 internally sponsored research programmes.
    • In 2014, 104 research programmes sponsored with external resources.
  • Financing»
    • • In 2014, $ 97,622,929.20 Mexican pesos aimed to finance the internal institutional projects.
    • In 2014, $ 215,487,258.21 Mexican pesos aimed to finance projects with external resources.
  • Scholarships»
    • 1,290 internally financed projects with the participation of BEIFI beneficiaries.
    • 4,200 BEIFI scholarships granted to IPN students.
Producción científica  

Scientific production

Especially created to inform about the most important information in IPN science and technology.