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The National Polytechnic Institute offers training courses that unable students to carry out professional work by studying either just one subject area or several specific subjects related to a particular field or profession through its online programs.

  • This program appears on the CONACYT national listing of quality PhD’s.

    Mechanical Engineering (ESIME Azc.)


    Thermal Engineering (ESIME Zac.)


    Property Valuation (ESIA Tec.)

  • Computer Sciences

  • Systems Engineering (ESIME Zac.)

  • Public Transport Engineering

  • Controls and Instrumentation (ESIME Zac.)

  • Computational Mathematics (CIC)

  • Residency in Restoration works on monuments (ESIA Tec.)

  • Computer Security and Information Technology (ESIME Cul.)

  • Immersed Systems (CITEDI)


    Medical and Surgical Emergencies (ESM)


    Haematopathology (ENBC)


    Human Acupuncture (ENMH)

  • Therapeutic Homeopathy (ENMH)

  • Anaesthesiology for Rural Health Services (ESM)

  • Surgery for Rural Health Services (ESM)

  • Geriatrics (ESM)

  • Sports Medicine (ESM)

  • Child and Adult Medicine in Rural Health Services (ESM)

  • Pharmaceutical Medicine (ESM)

  • Forensic Medicine (ESM)

  • Neurolinguistics Programming Focusing on Health (CICS-UST)

  • Finances (ESCA Tepepan)

  • Educational Institutions Management (ESCA Santo Tomás)

  • Tax management (ESCA Tepepan)

  • Industrial Prope​rty and Innovation Strategic Manag​ement (CIECAS)

  • Financial Risks Administration (CEC Cancún


    Advanced Technology for the industry (CICATA Qro.)

  • Educational Physics (CICATA Legaria)

  • Immersed Systems (CITEDI Tijuana)