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Business Acceleration

The Institute, concerned with the development and growth of SMEs (PyM​ES), has created the "Institutional Model of Business Acceleration" based on its three main areas.

Technology Transfer  

​Technology Transfer

Concerned about safeguarding intellectual property and developing technologies marketing, IPN has created a department in charge of these processes.


Business Incubator

At IPN, business incubation is the result of our students, graduates and professors’new initiatives.



The National Polytechnic Institute is aware of the fact that the managem​ent of technology is a fundamental pillar for the development of the country. To establish the link between the academic and productive sectors, the Institute has created its Technological Development Unit (TechnoPoli) focused on technological management.


Linking Projects at IPN

Applied research and technological development activities fostering the relationship between our Institute and the productive sectors through different kinds of agreements.


​Quality and Business Competitiveness

For IPN, it is very important to implement quality management systems in its different schools, Centres and units. It has therefore created an authority in charge of these works.