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Politecnical Identity

​​Identidad Politecnica​​
Jesús Robles Martínez

Motto: "The Technique at the Service of the Fatherland"

This phrase was used by some students long before the creation of the IPN, but it was during the first National Congress of Technical Students, held in the city of Chihuahua in 1937, that the then student Jesus Robles Martinez was elected president of the National Federation of Technical Students (FNET) and proposed a motto in order to represent the ideals of the student organization. The phrase "The Technique at the Service of a Better Country" was initially coined and should be used as a corollary of all of its proposals. This motto was later modified to "The Technique at the Service of the Homeland", which expresses the ideals of the Polytechnic./p>

Escudo IPN


Students' concerns dictated the initiative to create the symbols that would identify the nascent polytechnic institution. In the years 1944-1945, the National Federation of Technical Students (FNET) launched a call to design a shield representative of the schools that were part of the IPN. The first prize was awarded to student Armando López Fonseca who, with the help of his colleague Jorge Grajales, managed to make his design the winner. The shield was modified in 1948 while preserving its original elements.


Anthem of the IPN

During the administration of general director Eugenio Méndez Docurro (1959-1962), the celebrations were prepared to commemorate the XXV Anniversary of the IPN Foundation and a call was issued to create the Hymn that would represent the Institute. The winner of the contest in the area of the lyrics was teacher and poet Carmen de la Fuente (1915-2013). Later, the competition was opened to select the music, item in which the professor of musical education from Bellas Artes, (Palace of Fine Arts) Armando González Domínguez, became the winner. The Polytechnic Hymn was first performed on August 19, 1961, at the XXV Anniversary ceremony in the new Polytechnic of Zacatenco, attended by Adolfo López Mateos, then President of Mexico.